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Google TalkIt’s been previously rumored that the next version of Android Gingerbread will be bringing native video calling capabilities to Android devices. Well now we can put the rumor to rest – because Google has confirmed it to be true.

In a post on the official Google Mobile blog, Google announced that the next version of Android will have video calling built into the default IM app, Google Talk. All users need to do is login to the service and if they see a video chat icon next to a contact’s name, all they need to do is just tap it to initiate a video call.

Video calling hasn’t been integrated so well into the operating system before. Users are able to switch between tasks without having to end a call – the video will be paused while the audio will still go on. In fact, text will can also pop up onscreen if a user needs to click a link or read a message – it’s all very seamless and intuitive, users should have no problem with the video call experience on Google Talk.

Google Talk video calling will work over WiFi, 3G and 4G connections. Expect the Android 2.3.4 update to roll out over the air in the next few weeks. Samsung Nexus S phones will be the first ones getting it, and as usual, other phones will need to wait for an update from their OEMs to issue an update. Watch a video demonstration of how Google Talk video calling works:

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