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DLNA – the Digital Living Network Alliance is a worldwide standard that allows any DLNA-enabled device to easily stream any content on it to another DLNA enabled device (i.e. from a phone to a HD TV). While this is a standard that is present on a large number of electronic appliances such as TVs, it isn’t found on a lot of phones, despite the phones having the capabilities to do so. This where Skifta comes in. The handy app gives any Android phone (2.2 and above) the ability to stream content over WiFi to any DLNA device. Besides streaming from the phone itself, the app goes one step further by allowing you to stream content from a remote location (i.e. your PC at home) as well as from any cloud services available on your phone. Bored with the current playlist at a party, and think you could spice it up with your own selection? Skifta can help you do just that. Skifta can be downloaded from the Android Market and is available now as a free beta. Hit the break to watch a video promo on how Skifta works:

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