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Satarii Star iPhone dock

Do you miss being in videos because you’re always the one behind the camera? Do you wish that you could use FaceTime while walking around your room without holding your iPhone? How about recording your own skateboard stunts while nobody else is around you? If any of these problems are yours, the Satarii Star motion tracking iPhone dock might just be for you. Just plug in your iPhone to this handy swivel base, place it on a flat surface, and grab the marker provided with the device. The base will automatically turn to face the marker, so all you have to do is attach it to yourself or the subject you want to follow, set your iPhone on record, sit back and relax (unless you’re the one being filmed of course). No mention of battery life or how the base communicates with the marker, but from the video demonstration, it looks very impressive. The Satarii Star is not in production yet, seeing how it’s still looking for funds to continue, so if you are interested in funding the project in order for it to hit the stores, head here for more details. Watch a video of the device after the break:

Satarii IndieGoGo Campaign from Satarii on Vimeo.

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