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Samsung Galaxy TabSamsung’s Android Tablet, the Galaxy Tab was met with uncertain response when it was released in the states late last year. Not many people wanted to purchase the device with a 3G contract, and for a good reason too – people were tethering with their phones or just using WiFi in their own homes so they didn’t need a 3G contract. Many people chose not to buy the tablet because of the contract and decided to hold out for a WiFi-only version instead. It looks their patience has finally paid off- Samsung has finally announced that they will be selling their WiFi-only Galaxy Tab to our shores in the first quarter of the year. It will hold 16GB of internal storage with an SD card slot that supports up to 32GB of external memory. But with all the new Honeycomb tablets coming out in the first quarter of the year as well, it’s going to be interesting to see if the Tab has a chance. Samsung will have to play the price-slashing game or pull a trick out from under their sleeves if they want to stand a chance. What do you think?

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