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Verizon HTC mystery phoneHTC Sync was recently updated a few days ago, and the folks over at Phandroid managed to dig out some pictures from the updated software which now supports some upcoming Verizon phones – the HTC Thunderbolt, the HTC Merge and this mysterious device. From what we can see it looks like a button-less phone with the Verizon logo stamped on the top and the HTC Sense wallpaper. Now there is a possibility that the image is only a placeholder or a temporary/random graphic created for the program, but there is also a slim chance it might be a Honeycomb phone. After all, Google has mentioned that Honeycomb, unlike the previous versions of Android, won’t require any buttons to function. This could mean new gesture-based commands will be coming to Android or there will be on-screen buttons to replace the standard capacitive buttons usually found on Android phones. Until HTC or Verizon shed some light on the phone, the verdict is still up in the air. What do you think?

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