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HP webOS 2.0 tabletWe all know that tablets were the rage at CES, but one of the giants, HP-Palm weren’t displaying any webOS 2.0 tablets. As it turns out, they have something bigger planned instead. HP’s Todd Bradley was interviewed by CNBC during CES and it was there he explained why they weren’t showing off their tablets during the show. They have plans to unveil their wide range of webOS 2.0 devices at their own event on February 9. He mentioned that their devices were all about the complete experience they would bring instead of just showing off the latest features and hardware. It wasn’t specifically mentioned that they will be unveiling tablets, but during the interview, there were references to mobile computing and webOS 2.0, as well as the iPad, so we can certainly expect one or two tablets at the event.
HP made a wise decision about delaying the unveiling of the tablets. Whether it just so they could have their own show next month or they weren’t ready yet, the whole event was so saturated with tablets that if they showed off their tablets there, they might have been easily forgotten. February 9 isn’t too far away, but mark the date on your calendars if you’re keen to find out about the future of webOS 2.0 with HP.

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