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HTC HD7Apparently some users have discovered a YouTube app for their HTC Windows Phone 7 device on the Windows Marketplace. This app isn’t available for everyone at the moment, and there hasn’t been any official announcement about it, so it’s unclear as to why only some phones have been getting it, while others haven’t. But if you’re one of the few who manage to find it in the Windows Marketplace, it brings native WP7 support for YouTube videos. Using the app, you can even search and browse videos according to category. Looks like HTC is doing a pretty good job of adding value to their WP7 devices with the inclusion of these little apps (i.e. their live weather tile) consistently. Let’s hope for more to come! Search the Windows Marketplace > Videos Apps > New to find it. Let us know if you do get it, and where you’re from so other people can see where and to what phones the app is going to.

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