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Motorola Cliq 2The New Year is coming in just a few days and it looks like manufacturers all over the world are building up hype and anticipation for their upcoming devices by leaking pictures to the public. This time it looks like Motorola is in on the game as well, leaking pictures of the successor to the Cliq. The Cliq 2 aka Begonia is headed to T-Mobile and looks pretty interesting- it packs a slide-out QWERTY keyboard with some sort of weird design that looks like the shell of a turtle. I wonder how effective it would be to type on it. Aesthetics aside, the phone features a 5megapixel camera with LED flash, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, Android (hopefully 2.3) and possibly HSPA+. More pictures after the break:

Motorola Cliq 2Motorola Cliq 2Motorola Cliq 2

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