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Facebook MobileAt the Facebook conference today, Mark Zuckerberg quashed all rumors of an upcoming Facebook phone. The conference today was held mainly to announce the improvement of Facebook for Android. Apparently when Facebook was about to launch for the Android OS, Google bought the company that Facebook was developing the app with, putting a halt to all development of the app, hence the unpolished final product we can download from the Market. Now that Google has settled the purchase of the company, Facebook is ready to continue development of the app. He mentioned that the app will soon catch up and be on par with the iPhone version of Facebook. The new version of Facebook for Android will have two major additions: Places and Groups. While its been awhile since these functions have been on the iOS app- it’s good to know the main reason behind the slow development of Facebook for Android, and that Facebook hasn’t forgotten about Google’s mobile operating system. How many of you use the official Facebook App for Android? What features do you think the app is lacking at the moment?

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