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Skyfire for iPhone
Apple seems to be lightening up these days. After publishing their App Store guidelines, many Apps have found a way to get approved for distribution on the App Store. Now, the highly sought after browser for the iOS, Skyfire has been approved and will be available on the App Store this Thursday. Skyfire will allow iPhones (and other iOS devices) to display Flash video. This will enable users to access millions of websites that were previously unviewable on the iPhone. How is this possible, you ask? We all know how much Steve Jobs despises Flash on his devices, so Skyfire solves this problem by transcoding Flash videos into iOS-friendly HTML5 and MPEG-4/H.264 videos. Tada! Flash videos on your iPhone. In order to be approved on the app store, Skyfire had to make sure that their browser only converted Flash videos and nothing else, so if you’re hoping to play some Flash games with this browser, you’re out of luck. Maybe when Flash becomes more stable, secure and less power hungry, we might see it on the iOS, but don’t hold your breath. Look out for Skyfire in the App Store this Thursday.

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