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Super Twario

Head First Communications Limited have just released an update for their innovative Twitter app called Super Twario. Bringing a whole new experience to tweeting, Super Twario is a side-scrolling platformer that turns Twitter into a game. You control a rabbit called Twario and run along a field of grass with tweets as floating boxes above your head. Tap the screen to make Twario jump to hit tweets so you can read/reply/retweet them, you hit avatars (of people you follow) to mention them and more. And if you’re into competitive gaming, each move you make earns you points which add up to your total score which can earn you achievements in Game Center. The latest updates to Super Twario adds music to the game, halloween surprises and minor login fixes. The app is available now in the iTunes App Store for $0.99. I wonder if anyone will create a game for Facebook or Foursquare? That would be interesting to see.

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