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Android security breach

It looks like things aren’t rosy on all sides of the fence. No matter which operating system you’re on, you’re bound to face issues on your smartphone. But the problem which affects all versions of Android seems the hardest to fix. A developer who was performing an application security assessment found a breach in Android that allowed malicious websites to access the contents of a user’s SD card without their knowledge. Running on JavaScript, this breach leaves users vulnerable to theft of data that is on their SD card. The problem was easy enough to patch up with the stock version of Android, and will be made available with the release of Gingerbread. But when taking into consideration the sheer amount of Android flavors available to the public, it’s going to take a very long time before the exploit is patched up by their respective developers- unless of course they get off their bums and change their mindset about new releases for the Android platform. Sure, customization is always great, but if it affects the speed of which updates are distributed to users, manufacturers should just lay off the stock Android and provide apps which affect the way they use the phone instead. As usual, be mindful of what sort of sites you open with your phone. You can never be too safe.

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