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Swarovski bling on Samsungs

The final word in bling often stops at Swarovski, and this time the world renowned crystalmaker have joined forces with Korean electronics giant Samsung to create a masterpiece – the jewel-encrusted 707SC clamshell handset. To prove that the 707SC is not all beauty, the brawny part consists of HSDPA connectivity, a Picsel document viewer, and a tri-lingual dictionary (English, Japanese, Korean). The Samsung 707SC will definitely catch more than the eyes of passers-by, but placing you as a prime target for snatch thieves as well. Just make sure you take extra precaution whenever you’re out talking on this cellphone, but then again, if you’re rich enough to afford one, you’re probably rich enough to purchase a replacement in the event of a theft. This Asia-only release will be launched sometime this March at a yet undisclosed price.

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