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Palm launches antena-less Treo 680

Looks like Palm is still alive and kicking, with the release of the Palm Treo 680. Despite the lack of an antenna, Palm claims that the new Treo 680 has much better reception when compared against previous models, but until conclusive tests are made, we will just have to take that statement at face value. The Treo 680 is equipped with 64MB SDRAM and 64MB of user memory which should be sufficient for everyday tasks. Each purchase will come with a 1GB SD card and a free subscription to Yahoo!’s Music Service for one month. Expect the normal trappings of other smartphones these days to come with the Treo 680, including MP3 support, video and voice recording, and support for Microsoft Office and PDF documents. Pricing details are still unavailable and will be determined by the respective carriers.

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