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Emporia unveils cellphone for older folks

Older folks tend to shun the latest technological advances because they frankly find no need to live their lives at such a demanding pace. This means the majority of cellphones available on the market today are off limits to them. Emporia decided to cater for this maligned market segment by introducing a cellphone for senior citizens that come with unusually large buttons and an LCD display with equally large text. The inclusion of a red emergency button (pretty much like the Bat signal) and backup batteries make this cellphone perfect for the non-texting generation. There is no word on pricing and availability at the moment. More features are available after the jump. • Network: GSM/CDMA
• Size: 112mm x 55mm x 26 mm
• Weight: 155g
• Battery Life: 200 hours standby time, 180 minutes talk time
• Display: 2.7″ (128 x 160 pixel) FSTN Monochrome
• Messaging: SMS
• Vibration alarm, alarm clock, birthday reminders, hearing aid compatibility, speakerphone

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